One-On-One Qualitative Interviews

What is a one-on-one qualitative interview? One-on-one qualitative interviews are different than traditional group methods in that they are individual discussions between moderator and respondent. The rich feedback from these conversations is then compiled to provide a holistic picture of the audience supported by rich details. This personalized interaction is ideal for uncovering consumer feelings, motivations and reasoning surrounding even the most sensitive topics. iModerate’s one-on-one qualitative interview gives respondents an added layer of comfort as they are essentially anonymous. This translates to a more open and honest conversation even when discussing the most sensitive of subjects.

one-on-one qualitative interviews
Benefits of iModerate’s one-on-one qualitative interviews include increased candor: Pressure and the impact of group dynamics are eliminated, allowing respondents the opportunity to be more truthful and candid with their personal views, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects.